Servometer Introduces New Gold-Plated Interconnectric Contacts


Cedar Grove, N.J.-based Servometer is offering a new line of Interconnectric paired, gold-plated miniature bellow contact springs designed for flexible interconnections. The products' outside diameters range from .037 inch (.94 mm) to .125 inch (3.18 mm), and can be used individually or as pairs.

The unique pairing of a contact with a convex conical tip to a contact with a concave conical receptacle tip allows the contacts to self-align as they connect, which compensates for angular and parallel misalignments, the company says.

The products provide extremely low DC resistance with a minimum of insertion loss, and are designed to provide lifetime spring and force repeatability. According to Servometer, the contact springs are also designed to minimize shock and vibration in dynamic applications, help overcome tolerance buildup and misalignment problems in critical assemblies and allow a designer to select a less expensive alternative to high tight toleranced assembly components.

Servometer: (973) 785-4630

SOURCE: Servometer

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