Servometer Offering Gold-Plated Bellows For Connection Applications


Cedar Grove, N.J.-headquartered Servometer/PMG LLC has introduced a line of gold-plated bellows. These contacts are especially well suited for dynamic interconnect applications – absorbing shock and vibrations, while maintaining continuous connection, the company says.

Servometer contact springs are manufactured from electrodeposited nickel alloy and gold-plated to ASTM B488-01 to enhance their conductivity. Most of the end cups are designed to fit over standard-sized pins or into recesses, connecting them to other components without soldering.

The contacts provide extremely low DC resistance with a minimum of insertion loss, and are designed to provide lifetime spring and force repeatability, according to the company. They are ideal for applications where contact with a delicate component or material is required.

Servometer contacts are rated for a maximum current of 4 amps and can be safely used up to 260 degrees F and maintain their full spring qualities.

Servometer: (973) 785-4630

SOURCE: Servometer

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