Sharp Introduces Two New Thin-Film Solar Modules To The Industry


Sharp Corp., an international producer of solar and electronic products, has introduced two new thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) modules for commercial and industrial applications – the NA-901WP and NA-902 WP.

According to Sharp, the NA-901WP model is targeted toward international markets, while the NA-902WP model is intended for use in the Japanese market. Compared to polycrystalline silicon solar cells intended for typical residential applications, these new cells have the ability to form the silicon raw materials into a layer only about 2 micrometers onto a glass substrate, which is roughly 1/100th as thick as conventional polycrystalline solar cells. The amount of silicon used is reduced, and the process is applicable to manufacturing cells with large surface areas, the company says.

In addition, Sharp has also released its new Solar Racking System (SRS) designed for residential or light commercial buildings. The system is ideal for both retrofit and new construction and includes 187 W ND-187U1 solar modules, a mounting structure and an inverter. The system is being implemented on Habitat for Humanity homes in Suffolk County, Long Island.

Contact Sharp's North American headquarters in Romeoville, Ill. at (800) 237-4277 for more information on the modules and SRS.

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