Sharp’s Solar Energy Group Launches Educational Campaign


Sharp's Solar Energy Solutions Group, a unit of Sharp Electronics Corp., has launched an awareness campaign to help educate consumers about solar energy.

‘Interest in renewable energy is high, and consumers want very basic knowledge so they can make the right choices,’ says Ron Kenedi, vice president of Sharp's Solar Energy Solutions Group. ‘With the Hello Sunshine campaign, we're not pushing our products – we're educating consumers about just what solar electricity is, and helping them understand the real financial and environmental benefits of this important technology.’

In the summer of 2006, a Roper survey commissioned by Sharp demonstrated that consumers are receptive to solar power, with eight out of 10 Americans believing that home builders should offer solar power as an option for all new home construction. Further research also found that while interest was high, many consumers had very little understanding about solar electricity, the company says.

Therefore, Sharp's campaign will incorporate six ‘solar lessons’ to increase awareness and understanding. The six lessons are being rolled out in print and online mediums over a six-month period that began in March, Sharp adds.

‘Once they're educated, we've seen that consumers quickly realize that solar is a working technology, it's available to everyone, and it makes good sense both financially and for the environment,’ Kenedi continues.

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