Shimadzu Introduces Anti-Reflective Coating And Solar Cell Inspection Systems


Shimadzu Corp. has debuted its MCXS anti-reflective coating system and two SCI-series cell inspection system models for the crystalline silicon solar cell production industry.

Shimadzu is using a new hollow-cathode plasma source in concert with a direct plasma method to create the MCXS plasma CVD system, which is capable of forming an anti-reflective coating that is highly resistant to potential induced degradation at high throughput and low running costs. By terminating crystal defects on the surface and inside of the substrate with a high-density plasma and improving the performance of solar cells, this system contributes to a higher conversion efficiency, the company says.

The company has also developed its new SCI-8SM Compound Inspection System and the SCI-8S Exterior Inspection System. The SCI-8 Compound Inspection System performs simultaneous inspections of microcracks and wafer appearance in a single system. It inspects for fine cracks in the wafer and particles on the anti-reflective coating, as well as checks film thickness and distribution.

The SCI-8 Exterior Inspection System offers the same functionality as the SCI-8SM but is 15 % more compact than conventional instruments in its class. It can be installed on a new production line or retrofitted in a restricted space on an existing production line to improve wafer quality.

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