Shrink Solar Develops New Solar Concentrator Technology


Shrink Nanotechnologies Inc. says its wholly owned subsidiary, Shrink Solar LLC, has unveiled the fifth generation of its solar concentrator technology, which is based on the company's proprietary NanoShrink material and its photovoltaic quantum dot composition.

Shrink Solar's fifth-generation solar concentrator has achieved higher efficiencies than previous generations of energy-producing cells, according to the company. This design also incorporates additional structures and circuit design to bolster efficiency.

The technology filters out wavelengths currently not absorbed by silicon and re-emits them into a device by concentrating light without the need for a tracking device, mirror or lens. Shrink Solar has demonstrated this proof-of-concept in an initial solar window prototype device.

Shrink Nanotechnologies Inc. (760) 804-8844

SOURCE: Shrink Nanotechnologies Inc.

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