Siemens Energy Supplying Equipment For Ivanpah Solar Plant


Siemens Energy says it has received an order for the supply of an SPPA-T3000 instrumentation and controls (I&C) system and two steam turbine-generators for Unit 2 and Unit 3 of the Ivanpah solar thermal power plant located in the Mojave desert in California.

The purchaser is BrightSource Energy Inc., an Oakland, Calif.-based developer of utility-scale solar thermal power plants. With this contract, Siemens will now supply the SPPA-T3000 for all three units of the Ivanpah project. (In October 2008, the company received an order for the supply of a steam turbine and generator for Ivanpah Unit 1.)

This is the first deployment of the I&C system in a solar tower power plant of this size, Siemens notes. The start of commercial operation of the Ivanpah Units 2 and 3 is scheduled for 2013.

SOURCE: Siemens Energy Inc.

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