Siemens Installs PV Plant At German Manufacturing Plant


Siemens Energy has installed a turnkey photovoltaic plant on the roof of the Siemens Healthcare x-ray systems manufacturing plant in Forchheim, Germany. After a planning and construction time of less than three months, the unit has been placed into service.

The solar power installation will generate more than 750 MWh of power per year. The solar modules' high efficiency makes the output of the power-generating plant around one-third higher than that of customary units of a comparable size, the company says. The installation generates the maximum power yield per unit of available surface area.

The solar plant is operated by Siemens Real Estate. Siemens Energy designed and constructed the photovoltaic system and was responsible for commissioning. Siemens also provided the funding for the plant and supplied the power inverters, switchgear and transformers, and connected the system to the local power grid. Around 3,600 monocrystalline solar modules – with a rating of 225 Wp each – were supplied by Sunpower Solar.

SOURCE: Siemens Energy

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