Siemens Launches New Solar Inverter


Siemens Industry Inc. has introduced the Sinvert PVS350T UL, a 350 kW solar inverter for photovoltaic fields with 600 VDC input. The inverter features under-over-voltage control, under-over-frequency control, open phase control, grid synchronization and anti-islanding protection, which detects and isolates the system from grid failure under matched load conditions.

Built on the Sinvert platform, this inverter was designed to meet UL standards required by utilities in North America to feed solar power into the grid. In addition to complying with UL standards, this inverter meets DIN, VDE, IEC and EN standards.

Built in accordance with a stringent ISO 9001 quality system, the inverter has been optimized for high efficiency and has a compact design and footprint that facilitates easy installation, according to Siemens. Architecturally, three inputs with LV HRC fuses and DC contactors are provided at the PV field end – a combination that can be used to isolate the inverter from the PV field.

Additionally, the IGBT-based power unit, coupled with a low-voltage transformer, provides galvanic isolation between the PV field and AC output, which prevents unwanted current from traveling between units sharing a ground conductor, the company adds.

Additional new features include cluster control, optional PV array isolation measurement and optional symmetry monitoring.

Siemens: 49 69797 6660

SOURCE: Siemens Industry Inc.

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