Sigma-Aldrich Partner To Distribute Luminescent Quantum Dot Nanocrystals


Sigma-Aldrich has signed an agreement with Nanoco Technologies Ltd., a nano-materials company based in Manchester, U.K., to distribute luminescent quantum dot nanocrystals. This technology is an ideal luminophor for cutting-edge applications, including next-generation solar cells, the companies say.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sigma-Aldrich will distribute research quantities of seven core-shell semiconductor quantum dots through the Aldrich Materials Science initiative of its research specialties business. The nanocrystals will be marketed and distributed under the brand name Lumidots.

Quantum dots are nanometer-sized semiconductor nanoparticles that emit bright, near-monochromatic light under light or electrical stimulation. Emission color can be tuned by choosing nanocrystal size, positioning the materials for research into high-technology applications.

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