Signet Solar Signs Supply Agreement With Moncada Energy Group


Signet Solar and Moncada Energy Group have executed a definitive supply agreement for Signet to supply a minimum of 7.7 MW of its Gen 8.5 thin-film modules before the end of 2009 and a continued supply relationship in 2010 and beyond.

Moncada will deploy the purchased thin-film modules in large solar PV farms beneath the towers of its wind farms. This arrangement will allow both the panels and the wind turbines to use the same infrastructure in place to double-harvest renewable energy, Moncada says.

‘Our deployments will be the world's first large-scale installation of certified Gen 8.5 size (2.2 m x 2.6 m) modules,’ states Salvatore Moncada, CEO of the Moncada Energy Group. ‘We believe that using these large modules in solar farms will allow for the lowest cost structure per installed watt due to the advances Signet Solar has made in thin-film technology and module efficiency, and we are excited to work with Signet over the long term.’

SOURCES: Signet Solar, Moncada Energy Group

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