SIHI Pumps Introduces Two New Pumps For Vacuum Applications


SIHI Pumps Inc., a global vacuum-pump manufacturer, has unveiled two new series of dry-running vertical screw pumps to handle rough- and medium-vacuum applications in the coating and solar industries.

The SIHIdry V and S series are the latest generation of SIHI designs, with capacities of over 600 ACFM in a single stage, the company says. No oil is used in operation, and the vertical design with no dead areas can pass small solids through the operating pump unimpeded.

Full capacity of the SIHIdry S begins at atmospheric pressure and continues through the rough-pressure regime. This capability makes for fast pull-down times and possible elimination of boosters or redundant entrance locks, according to SIHI Pumps.

The SIHIdry V Design can handle a capacity of below 1 micron, which allows, in a single stage, process-chamber evacuation in almost the same time as large, boosted oil systems.

SIHI Pumps: (716) 773-6450


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