Silfab Ontario Signs Module Deal With Agris Solar Cooperative


Silfab Ontario Inc., which recently opened its new PV module manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario, has signed a deal to supply 9.3 MW of modules to Agris Solar Cooperative.

Agris Solar will receive the first tranche of Silfab's new line and will continue to receive supply until April of next year, allowing Agris Solar to complete its extensive portfolio of PV installations, which all generate 10 kW or less. The total of 9.3 MW corresponds to approximately 30,000 photovoltaic modules made from 60 or 72 mono-crystalline silicon cells.

Agris Solar began construction of the first 10 kW systems in early February and will continue to build throughout the coming year, with the goal to have over 1,000 installations completed throughout rural Ontario.

SOURCE: Silfab Ontario Inc.

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