Silicon Chemical Funds Solar Research At PSU


Silicon Chemical Corp. (SCC) has donated funds toward developing a public-private partnership with Portland State University (PSU) in support of Dr. Carl Wamser's research in the development of novel chemical processes for solar energy.

SCC says it is particularly excited about the research PSU is conducting on new materials for solar energy production. Support of PSU's research creates an ideal partnership for SCC as its new solar energy division, SCC Solar, moves forward with implementation of advanced solar technologies.

SCC provides technology and equipment for the solar energy market, including the production of raw materials to produce high-purity silicon and silane for the manufacture of single crystal and thin-film solar cells.

PSU's ongoing solar activities include Wamser's lab, which works on organic solar cells based on conductive polymers. The long-term goal of his work is to produce inexpensive plastic films with solar activity (for either photovoltaic or solar-initiated chemistry).

SOURCE: Silicon Chemical Corp.

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