Silicon Genesis Produces 20-Micrometer PV Foil


Silicon Genesis, a developer of process and technology for engineered substrates, says it has produced the first 20-micrometer-thick solar-cell foils. The 125 mm square monocrystalline silicon (mono c-Si) foils were found to be robust and highly flexible.

Neither a thin-film nor a wafer, the new form factor was named a foil to better describe its unique physical characteristics as a thin, flexible, yet free-standing material. According to the company, this achievement represents an important milestone in the development of SiGen's PolyMax kerf-free wafering technology.

The 20-micrometer solar-cell foil combines the advantages of the low poly utilization of thin-film PV with the high efficiency potential of mono c-Si PV. This development sets the stage for dramatic reductions in overall production costs. Silicon Genesis anticipates that the 20-micrometer foil will extend the reach of conventional silicon PV absorber technology well into the future.

The availability of 20-micrometer mono c-Si foils will allow PV cell manufacturers to explore new applications and formats with cost-effective production. The kerf-free nature of the PolyMax system enables savings of material and the development of a new category using thinner mono c-Si wafers and foils.

Silicon Genesis: (408) 228-5858

SOURCE: Silicon Genesis

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