Silicon Genesis Starts Production Of Kerf-Free Substrates


Silicon Genesis (SiGen), a provider of engineered substrate process technology for the semiconductor, display, optoelectronics and solar markets technology for engineered substrates, says it has begun producing the first kerf-free 150um solar-cell substrates at its new solar development and pilot production facility.

Located in San Jose, Calif., the facility includes over 50,000 square feet of specially designed space to house the company's PolyMax pilot and prototype high-volume manufacturing equipment.

SiGen's pilot line started producing 150 um-thick, full-size 125 mm wafers and will soon be manufacturing 156 mm wafers. The expanded pilot line will be used to produce substrate samples and further develop the PolyMax high-volume manufacturing equipment to efficiently convert silicon ingots into thin silicon wafers ranging from 150 um to 50 um in thickness.

Source: Silicon Genesis Corp.

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