Silicor’s Terry Jester Receives The ASES 2015 Women In Solar Energy Award


Theresa Jester, CEO of Silicor Materials, has received the 2015 Women in Solar Energy Award from the American Solar Energy Society (ASES).

‘Each year, our pool of applicants gets stronger and our decision gets tougher, but Terry's decades of commitment to propelling the solar industry forward helped her stand out from the pack,’ says Carly Rixham, executive director of the ASES.

In her current role as the CEO of Silicor Materials, Jester is leading the development of the company's first large-scale solar silicon production facility in Grundartangi, Iceland, which will produce at least 16,000 metric tons of environmentally friendly solar silicon each year.

‘The solar industry has been my home for more than three decades, and I've loved every second of this journey," Jester says." Joining the ranks of ASES' esteemed Women in Solar Energy is the icing on the cake.’

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