Silverback Solar Rolls Out Racking System


Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Silverback Solar says it has created a racking solution that is stronger and lighter in weight than other systems. The system also features watertight connections and longer spans that require fewer roof penetrations.

‘In order for commercial solar to proliferate, we needed to simplify and really protect the integrity of the roofs,’ says Ryan Bruce, founder and CEO of Silverback Solar. ‘Silverback Solar racks are constructed of materials that allow the racks to be elevated off the roof, with the connection points mounted directly to the structural framing. We think this offers a tangible improvement to what is currently available.’

Because Silverback racking systems come pre-assembled and cut to length for a specific application, they can be installed more quickly than traditional mounts, the company says. Instead of boxes of varying sizes of brackets, nuts, screws and bolts, a Silverback System consists of just five components and three fasteners. The system can adjust to any roof pitch or angle and is compatible with nearly all PV modules and solar thermal.

Silverback Solar: (877) 765-2759

SOURCE: Silverback Solar

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