SimpliPhi Power Unveils Energy Storage System, Training


SimpliPhi Power, now part of Briggs and Stratton, has released the SimpliPHI ESS, which is composed of a 6 kW inverter, 4.9 kWh batteries, and the EnergyTrak gateway and mobile app. All components use closed-loop communications to allow for quick commissioning, remote monitoring and firmware upgrades, and better performance.

The system specifications and installation guidelines will be reviewed on a SimpliPHI Fully Integrated ESS training on October 13 at 10:00 a.m. PDT (register for recording). In addition, the training will cover scaling systems to meet large energy storage or power demands, common applications and system layouts, and other technical support and requirement aspects of the SimpliPhi’s Elite IQ (Installer Qualification) Training Program.

The SimpliPhi Elite IQ Installer Training Program keeps installers up to date with the latest in energy storage technology, applications and integration requirements for critical backup and savings. 

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