SMA Adds 60 kW Model To Sunny Tripower Inverter Line


SMA is taking orders for its Sunny Tripower 60-US 60 kW inverter.

The Sunny Tripower 60-US is rated at 60 kVA, supports DC input voltage up to 1,000 V and weighs 165 pounds. The unit can be integrated with the SMA Inverter Manager, Local Commissioning and Service Tool and a combiner box.

The SMA Inverter Manager is the central communications and control interface for the inverter. It handles important inverter and system management functions for up to 2.5 MW in a single device. The system also creates an inverter control loop that enables grid management capabilities.

The Local Commissioning and Service Tool enables the inverter to be configured by selecting system-specific configuration files and transmitting them to all inverters in the array. In addition, individual inverter data is aggregated into a single plant profile for plant performance analysis.

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