SMA Adds Bluetooth Technology To Sunny WebBox


Rockland, Calif.-based SMA America says its Sunny WebBox monitoring system is now capable of wireless operation via integrated Bluetooth technology. In addition to continuously gathering PV array data, the Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth allows solar system owners to install or house the device in a variety of flexible configurations.

The unit wirelessly receives, stores and transmits data from up to 50 solar inverters to the SMA Sunny Portal, where users can then access this information remotely from any Web-enabled PC. The Sunny Portal can also be configured to send e-mail or text message alerts to the system owner if a power deviation is detected by the Sunny WebBox.

For more detailed performance analysis, users can add the SMA Sunny SensorBox to collect irradiance data at the PV array. With the optional GSM modem, data can also be transmitted to the Sunny Portal from remote locations.

The Sunny WebBox with Bluetooth offers internal memory of 12.5 MB and an SD card slot for an additional 128 MB to 2 GB of external memory.


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