SMA America Adds New Line Of Solar Inverters


SMA America LLC, the U.S.-based subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, has expanded its U.S. line of utility products with the addition of the Sunny Central High Efficiency (HE) line of solar inverters.

The Sunny Central 500HE features a maximum output of 550 kVA, and the 630HE produces 700 kVA. Both provide full AC-rated active power while maintaining a 0.9 lagging/leading power factor range and operating continuously at 50 degrees C. By connecting to an external medium-voltage transformer to accommodate long-distance power feeds to distribution substations, the HE line is ideal for utility installations, SMA explains.

The Sunny Central HE line includes integrated grid-management features, such as remote control of active and reactive power, automatic over-frequency response, automatic power-factor adjustment, power curtailment and low-voltage ride-through. Two Sunny Central 500HE or 630HE inverters can be combined in a packaged solution with one medium-voltage transformer to provide a 1.00 MW-MV station or a 1.25 MW-MV station, both of which simplify large-scale deployment, the company says.

SMA America: (916) 625-0870


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