SMA America Introduces Sunny Central Compact Power Inverter Line


SMA America says it is now accepting orders for its Sunny Central Compact Power (CP) line of solar inverters. This outdoor-rated line includes the Sunny Central 500CP, 630CP, 720CP, 760CP and 800CP models, which will join the Sunny Central High Efficiency line in SMA's North American utility-scale lineup.

The Sunny Central CP features a compact design that not only makes it easy to load and transport, but also able to be installed almost anywhere, providing integrators with a variety of configuration options, the company says. The outdoor-rated CP series inverters can be placed on a simple concrete pad or under a basic shade structure.

Two Sunny Central CP inverters can be combined with one medium-voltage transformer to provide up to a 1.6 MW packaged skid solution, which simplifies large-scale deployment, the company adds.

Integrated grid-management features include remote control of active and reactive power, automatic over-frequency response, automatic power factor adjustment, power curtailment and low-voltage ride-through. SCADA options via modbus and the SMA OPC Server ensure optimum communication and control, SMA says.


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