SMA America Inverters Used In Sunetric Solar Farm At Hawaii Hospital


SMA America Inc.'s Sunny Central 250U solar inverters were recently chosen for the second-largest solar farm in Hawaii. According to SMA America, the modules were selected based on their reliability, quality and proven track record.

Sunetric, the state's largest locally owned solar integrator, installed the 500 kW system at Wilcox Memorial Hospital on the island of Kauai. The solar farm, which generates 740,000 kWh of power annually, spans 1.4 acres of land adjacent to the hospital.
‘In 2008, we installed more PV than anyone else in Hawaii, and we choose SMA inverters because their strong track record for success, reliability and sealed design gives us confidence,’ says Todd Georgopapadakos, Sunetric's vice president of business development.

SOURCES: SMA America, Sunetric

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