SMA Begins Constructing New Solar Inverter Manufacturing Plant

SMA Technologie AG has broken ground on an 82,000 square-foot solar inverter manufacturing plant in Kassel, Germany. The new facility is designed to triple SMA's current production capacity and will support all manufacturing efforts for subsidiary SMA America Inc., including production of the Sunny Boy 3000US/4000US and Sunny Boy 5000US/6000US/7000US inverters.

‘With this new facility, SMA Technologie AG is once again significantly optimizing its manufacturing processes,’ says Günther Cramer, CEO of SMA Technologie. ‘At the same time, the plant will set the new standard for the energy efficiency of industrial buildings.’

‘The increased production capacity of the facility will help SMA America keep up with the enormous demand for its Sunny Boy line of inverters,’ adds Jeffrey Philpott, marketing manager for SMA America.



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