SMA Introduces Multicluster Box For Off-Grid PV


SMA Solar Technology AG has released the Multicluster Box, an off-grid AC distribution hub that manages a variety of renewable and combustion generation sources for large-scale Sunny Island multi-cluster systems.

Now available for the North American market, the SMA Multicluster Box features a preconfigured design that the company says simplifies the installation of off-grid renewable energy systems, providing users with design flexibility and making rural electrification simple and scalable.

Ideal for systems up to 110 kW, the Multicluster Box offers simple connection of multiple renewable energy sources, backup combustion generators and electrical loads into one battery-supported AC grid. It allows two, three or four three-phase clusters, each consisting of three Sunny Island inverters, to be connected in parallel.

‘By dividing the inverter capacity into clusters, the system becomes extremely flexible with respect to performance,’ notes Jurgen Krehnke, president and general manager of SMA America and president of SMA Canada. ‘This design scheme is highly scalable, thanks to the parallel connection of multiple clusters. Subsequent expansion of the off-grid system is also easy to implement, making it ideal for rural electrification.’

The SMA Multicluster Box is assembled in SMA's production facility in Denver.

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