SMA Introduces Solarchecker iPhone Application


The SMA Group has launched the SMA Solarchecker, an application for the Apple iPhone designed to provide users with a quick way of finding out how much energy and revenue a solar power system could produce at virtually any given location.

The Solarchecker utilizes the iPhone's GPS locator to determine the user's location. Its magnetic compass provides site orientation, and the inclination sensor determines the roof pitch.

Using the site location, the Solarchecker automatically accesses a weather database to determine the solar radiation available at that spot. Then, based on the site parameters and irradiance levels, the application applies a mathematical model to provide specific energy yield and annual energy harvest estimates.

By entering a project's available roof space or anticipated system size, the Solarchecker can also provide users with potential energy yields and CO2 savings over the life of the system. For those who want even more information, the Solarchecker can estimate a project's return on investment (ROI) by entering the revenue generated per kWh, as well as the system's financing and maintenance costs. The application uses that information to calculate net profit, savings or anticipated returns.

The free application is available for download at the Apple App Store.


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