SMA Introduces Sunny Design 2.0 Photovoltaic Array Design Software


SMA has released a new version of its PV system design software – Sunny Design 2.0. Available for free download at the company's website, Sunny Design 2.0 offers a variety of new features and a user-friendly interface designed to make PV array planning easier, the company says.

New features of Sunny Design 2.0 include an enhanced user interface, inverter selections based on grid-connection voltage, improved visualization of system performance characteristics, and the ability to export user-defined modules and locations for exchange with other users.

SMA's Sunny Design helps solar installers and system planners visualize possible PV plant designs and select the optimum configuration, SMA explains. Based on module selection and other basic system parameters, Sunny Design suggests inverter models and string sizing that accommodate the desired system size. Complex plants with several different sub-arrays and inverter types can be combined into a single project.

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