SMA Offering New Sunny Central Inverters For Large Solar Projects


SMA says the newest inverters in its Sunny Central product family – the Sunny Central 500/630/720/750/800 CP-US – are now available for utility-scale and commercial-scale applications.

The Sunny Central CP-US is rated for maximum system voltages up to 1,000 V DC and 10% over nameplate output capacity at ambient temperatures up to 25 degrees C, which the company says translates to substantial balance-of-system cost savings while still delivering optimum performance.

The inverters also offer CEC inverter efficiencies up to 98.5% and peak efficiencies up to 98.7%. Sunny Central CP-US inverters are equipped with an outdoor enclosure featuring SMA's patented OptiCool technology, which enhances system performance and durability and simplifies installation, the company adds.

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