SMA Releases Improved Sunny Boy Model For Residential Inverter Line


SMA has redesigned its Sunny Boy inverter line to offer simplified installation, enhanced features and secure power supply functionality. The company says the UL-listed Sunny Boy 5.0-US/6.0-US, which interfaces directly with a smartphone, tablet or notebook, was developed specifically to meet the needs of the North American residential PV market.

With this new model, SMA can now provide a residential inverter with complete grid-management capabilities, creating a utility-compliant solution for customers operating in any market, including Hawaii and California. It also delivers flexible system design and shade mitigation, so it can be utilized for a variety of applications, including on-grid and off-grid systems and hundreds of different stringing configurations.

Its secure power supply feature now provides up to 2,000 W of opportunity power, enabling the operation of larger electrical loads and increasing its value to homeowners in the event of a grid outage.

‘This new line of Sunny Boy inverters delivers cost savings to PV professionals while providing end users with enhanced features that maximize power production throughout the life of the system,’ says Marko Wittich, SMA's executive vice president of sales for the Americas region.

According to SMA, this platform provides improved monitoring via Sunny Portal for centralized system management and is also compatible with SMA's installation assistant, which reduces time and labor spent in the field. Enhanced AFCI functionality offers greater sensitivity for identifying arcs as well as more accurate detection to reduce false tripping.

The Sunny Boy 5.0-US/6.0-US is now available through SMA's North American distribution program.

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