SMA Solar Technology Opens CO2-Neutral Inverter Factory In Germany


SMA Solar Technology AG, parent company of U.S. subsidiary SMA America Inc., has opened its 193,000 square-foot solar inverter factory in Kassel, Germany. With the new facility, SMA has increased its production capacity to 4 GW.

In addition to being the world's largest solar inverter manufacturing site, the plant is also pioneering the concept of carbon-neutral industrial production by utilizing a low-energy building concept, high efficiency and renewable energy, the company notes.

Electrical power is derived from a building-integrated 1.1 MW PV system and an on-site biogas plant. Cooling is furnished through two systems, including an absorption refrigerator driven by the excess heat generated by the biogas plant and an electric backup system.

In order to completely satisfy the site's energy requirements, renewable energy is purchased from nearby sources. After the final construction phase, the carbon balance will be equalized through additional PV installations, eliminating the need for additional utility purchases.

SOURCE: SMA America Inc.

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