SmartSpark Energy Systems Is Now SolarBridge Technologies


SolarBridge Technologies, formerly known as SmartSpark Energy Systems, has unveiled a new corporate identity, including a modernized company name, logo and Web site. The new corporate identity reflects the company's revised strategy to focus exclusively on microinverter and monitoring solutions for PV solar installations.

SolarBridge Technologies has also hired a new executive team, opened a new corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, and has substantially scaled up its engineering team to accelerate product development. Beta testing of the new SolarBridge microinverter and information module is now under way.

According to the company, its patented microinverter architecture enables unprecedented levels of reliability by eliminating the most failure-prone components, such as electrolytic capacitors and optoisolators, that are used in central inverters and competitive microinverters. The high reliability of the SolarBridge Microinverter is expected to enable the development of a true alternating-current photovoltaic solution, where the SolarBridge Microinverter is integrated to the back of a PV module.

SOURCE: SolarBridge Technologies

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