Smartville Installs MOAB Energy Storage System at UC San Diego


Smartville, a developer of energy storage systems, has deployed its first commercially available product, the MOAB energy storage system, at the University of California San Diego’s Library Annex. 

MOAB is a “second-life” energy storage system that integrates and controls repurposed electric vehicle battery packs from different manufacturers at varying levels of health in one unified system. MOAB gives EV batteries a second life with ultra-low carbon storage that delivers a high value per kilowatt hour.

UC San Diego will use Smartville’s MOAB system to store solar energy from a 200 kW rooftop solar array to reduce demand on the local utility grid after sunset and avoid peak electricity rates. The 500 kWh system also provides 48 hours of emergency backup power.

“This represents our first step in bringing a truly scalable EV battery repurposing solution to market and providing a domestically manufactured energy storage product to meet California’s and the nation’s infrastructure needs,” says Smartville CEO and Co-founder Antoni Tong. “To accelerate our next commercial milestone, we are now speaking with venture investors interested in advancing profitable, scalable, low-carbon, low-cost solutions to our sustainable future.”

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