SMUD And Elk Grove Form Solar Incentive Program


The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), a Sacramento, Calif.-based electric utility, is partnering with the city of Elk Grove, Calif., in a new program that provides financial incentives for residents to install solar electric systems on existing homes.

The city of Elk Grove will waive the permit fee, use a standardized application packet, review the building application in one day and conduct post-installation inspection of the system within 24 hours of completion. In addition, the program reduces the initial cost of installing a solar system by as much as 25% for residential customers. Homeowners are also eligible for a $2,000 federal tax credit.

The SMUD/Elk Grove partnership is a three-year pilot program that will run through 2009, the companies say. Elk Grove is the first local government to join SMUD's solar partnership. However, the utility says it is working with other governments in its service territory to establish similar agreements.

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