SMUD Is On The Lookout For Solar PPAs


The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has released a request for offers (RFO) for cost-effective photovoltaic project power purchase agreements (PPAs). Proposals are due April 14.

This RFO is requesting qualified offers of renewable-portfolio-standard-eligible solar photovoltaic energy resources located external to SMUD’s service territory. Projects should be located in California, Arizona, New Mexico or Nevada.

SMUD says multiple proposals can be submitted; however, each submittal can include only one project of at least 25 MW but no more than 100 MW with a single point of interconnection. For projects equal to or exceeding 50 MW, SMUD says it does not require, but would be interested in, proposals that stage the level of capacity delivered.

Interested parties can download RFO No. 160049.SD documents at For additional information, contact Sherri Eklof at

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