SNP Worldwide Debuts Nanotech Surface Coating For Solar Modules


SNP Worldwide Inc., based in Sea Isle, N.J., is now offering its proprietary nanotechnology surface coating product to the solar market. The product, which has also been used in the marine and chemical glass industries, is a silica-based solution that can increase the production of PV modules by an average of 5%, according to the company.

The performance gain is largely attributable to the product's built-in UV resistance, less glare and improved penetration of solar rays – resulting from a less porous and smoother surface – and a self-cleaning effect due to the product's hydrophobic properties.

The product consists of man-made glass and ceramic nanoparticles that are manufactured in an alcohol-based carrier solution, which facilitates the curing process. Once applied to the surface and allowed to air cure, the glass and ceramic nanoparticles bond molecularly with the surface, creating a clear coating (invisible ‘nanomesh’) that is 30 nanometers thick, SNP Worldwide explains.

The company adds that the product will last up to two years (depending on the environment), although annual re-applications are recommended to maintain peak efficiency.

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