Software Performs Solar Site Analysis In 90 Seconds


Linden, Tenn.-headquartered SolarPathfinder, a developer of products that test an area's solar potential, has released the SolarPathfinder Assistant, a software program that performs a solar site analysis in just 90 seconds.

The SolarPathfinder Assistant works in conjunction with the SolarPathfinder site analysis tool. In 90 seconds, the software produces a printable report containing all solar site analysis settings, a sun trace diagram and a monthly breakdown of solar radiation exposure, the company says.

‘Users of the SolarPathfinder Assistant love the software because with just a few mouse clicks, you get data like ideal exposure percentage, effective exposure percentage, solar radiation, energy value, and angle/azimuth values for government rebates and subsidies,’ says Anthony Courter, SolarPathfinder's president.

Courter adds that each report can be saved for future use, and that users can adjust the settings to meet their individual needs. The software works with a laptop or desktop computer, Microsoft Windows and a digital camera.

For more information or to obtain a sample report, visit or call (317) 501-2529.

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