Sol Systems Introduces Sol SREC Analytics Tool


Sol Systems has launched Sol SREC Analytics, a solar renewable energy credit (SREC) price forecasting tool that is designed to provide a standardized benchmark for the industry to utilize when transacting in the SREC space.

This new service is designed to bring transparency and greater knowledge to solar stakeholders, the company says. Sol SREC Analytics provides users with the tools to analyze estimated capacity growth, intra- and inter-state trading considerations, current and proposed demand schedules, and short- and long-term pricing curves.

Short-term and long-term SREC pricing is aggregated from several sources, as well as from Sol Systems' proprietary market analysis, and is updated on a real-time basis. With the tool, developers or investors with project opportunities in Washington, D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania (as well as some of the secondary SREC markets) can evaluate their expected project returns based on different market scenarios.

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