Sol Systems Offers New SREC Option


Sol Systems says it has released Sol SREC 3, a new product for Ohio and Pennsylvania solar PV system owners. The Sol SREC 3 offer provides a price of $303 per solar renewable energy credit (SREC), guaranteed for three years for any PV system located in either state.

Systems between 1 kW and 500 kW are eligible, and systems must already be installed or be installed by Nov. 1. The offer is not valid for customers who have already signed long-term contracts with aggregators.

‘Sol Systems is continuously identifying new ways we can help residential and commercial customers recoup the costs of their solar PV projects,’ says Yuri Horwitz, CEO of Sol Systems. ‘We are excited about this new product, which offers a guaranteed SREC price that is as high – and, in some cases, higher – than current SREC spot market prices. Customers that lock in our Sol SREC 3 offer will not have to worry about fluctuating or volatile SREC spot market prices.’

SOURCE: Sol Systems

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