Solaicx Wins Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award


Solaicx, a manufacturer of monocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers optimized for solar applications, was recently awarded the Progressive Manufacturing 100 Award (PM100).

This is the second year in a row that Managing Automation has honored Solaicx for its progressive core business, the management of its operations and the optimization of its advanced manufacturing technologies, the company notes.

‘This second PM100 award reaffirms Solaicx as one of the few ingot manufacturers in the world with a production process so unique it's making solar electricity more cost-competitive,’ states Bob Ford, president and CEO of Solaicx. ‘Our commercial photovoltaic production facility in Portland proves our ability to increase throughput and ingot quality simultaneously, while remaining scalable and flexible enough to meet the shifting demands of the solar market.’

Solaicx was honored in the Innovation Mastery category, defined by Managing Automation magazine as being critical to the success of any manufacturer. The magazine recognized the company's manufacturing process as proven and progressive, based on the process' technology and its impact to the company's business and the business of its customers.

SOURCE: Solaicx

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