Solaire Generation Begins Construction On Solar Parking Lot Project


Solaire Generation, a designer, manufacturer and installer of solar photovoltaic parking structures, has been selected to supply solar parking canopies for a 4.1 MW project at a Fortune 100 corporate office campus in central New Jersey. The project is scheduled to reach completion by early 2011.

The Solaire Parking Canopies will support more than 11,350 solar panels and will cover about 1,350 parking spaces. When completed, the project will include a total of 1.1 miles of canopies, which feature a patented dual-incline design.

According to the company, the Solaire Parking Canopy is the only currently installed commercial parking canopy to offer an integrated decking and gutter system that protects people and cars from snow and ice, and protects the wiring and panels from unauthorized access. Snow and rainwater captured by the canopies can be recycled for irrigation and other gray-water uses.Â

Solaire expects to build canopies supporting at least 5 MW of installed capacity by the end of this year.

SOURCE: Solaire Generation

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