Solaire Installs 325 kW Of Solar Carports At Whole Foods In Brooklyn


Solaire Generation has installed a 325 kW solar carport system at a new Whole Foods Market in Brooklyn, N.Y. The photovoltaic system, developed and financed by SunEdison, will supply approximately 380 MWh of electricity per year, equal to about 25% of the store's needs.

The new Whole Foods location hosts a 20,000 square-foot greenhouse on its rooftop, making the space unavailable for a solar array. Solaire says SunEdison decided on a canopy array to take advantage of the energy production potential of the parking lot.

Solaire says its Premium F2 canopies feature an integrated storm water management system to lower the building's water use and reduce storm runoff into the nearby Gowanus Canal. The system collects storm water and feeds it into a 30,000-gallon tank beneath the parking lots where it is stored for filtration and non-potable reuse within the building.

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