Solar Charger Keeps Battery Plates Clean And Extends Life


Southlake, Texas-headquartered PulseTech Products Corp., a provider of solutions to battery problems, has introduced the SolarPulse Industrial Solar Charging System.

This solar-powered device combines a charging system with PulseTech's ReNew-IT Pulse Technology that prevents sulfation build-up on battery plates, which is the main cause for battery failure, the company says. The three models available – 2 watt, 5 watt and 6 watt systems – each come with a five-year warranty.

SolarPulse provides clean energy to all types of lead-acid batteries, including flooded cell, AGM and gel cell. At the same time, it emits a constant electronic DC pulse that removes lead sulfate deposits on the battery plates and returns them to the battery acid. By simply cleaning the plates, SolarPulse allows the batteries yo accept, store and release power, PulseTech adds.

For further information on the SolarPulse, call (800) 580-7554 or visit

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