Solar Data Systems Expands Solar-Log Reporting Portfolio


Solar Data Systems Inc. has expanded its Solar-Log Performance Data Provider (PDP) and Reporting portfolio to include solar PV installations that participate in incentive programs such as the California Solar Initiative, New Jersey Solar Incentive, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority.

Program participants must purchase and install monitoring solutions from certified PDPs, the company notes. The solar power performance data from these certified monitoring systems usually qualify for solar renewable energy certificates as well.

Solar Data Systems has developed customized Solar-Log monitoring and metering solutions to meet the specific needs of the various reporting groups around the country. The company launched its Solar-Log Revenue Grade Metering in North America earlier this year.

Currently, Solar Data Systems is approved to report into the Production Tracking System in Massachusetts, Performance Based Incentives system in California, and Generation Attribute Tracking System for Del., Washington, D.C., Ill., Md., N.J., Ohio, Pa., Va. and W.Va. Solar Data Systems is pending approval by the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority.

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