Solar Energy 4 U Brings Sonnenkraft To North America


Solar Energy 4 U is introducing Sonnenkraft, one of Europe's leading solar thermal systems manufacturers, to the North American market. Sonnenkraft, of St. Veit, Austria, has installed thousands of intelligent, compact and robust systems that produce hot water for homes or businesses over the past 15 years. The company's Compact and Comfort systems also supplement space heating, pool heating or any other type of heating requirement.

The heart of the system is the unique collector – a one-piece, salt-water-resistant, aluminum-tray-type product that provides efficiency, stability, good looks and easy handling, the company says. Thousands of this plug and flow system are running throughout Europe. Features of the system include multiple-choice mounting, flexible stainless steel tubing, compact controls and specially designed tanks. The system has also received OG 100 certification from SRCC and is in the process of attaining OG 300 certification.

For further information, contact Solar Energy 4 U at (561) 337-9146.

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