Solar Energy Initiatives Introduces ProPac


Solar Energy Initiatives Inc. has launched ProPac, a commercial solar hot water system, to its network of solar dealers. ProPac, manufactured by Energy Laboratories Inc., offers a scalable, pre-engineered solar thermal system that heats water using solar energy.

‘Solar Energy Initiatives is pleased to offer ProPac to its dealers,’ states David Fann, CEO of Solar Energy Initiatives. ‘We believe ProPac is the most innovative commercial-grade solar hot water product to enter the market to date.

‘As part of our RENEW THE NATION campaign, this product will assist in redeploying electricians and plumbing contractors into solar energy dealers,’ he continues. ‘Heating water is an energy-intensive endeavor, and we are confident that this application is an ideal cost-cutting method for hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons and other commercial institutions where hot water is a significant expense.’

Solar Energy Initiatives: (904) 644-6090

SOURCE: Solar Energy Initiatives

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