Solar Energy Research Institute Utilizes Synopsys’ TCAD


Synopsys Inc., a provider of software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing, says that the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) has adopted Synopsys' Sentaurus TCAD to support its solar cell research and development programs.

SERIS is Singapore's national institute for applied solar energy research and is jointly sponsored by the Singapore Economic Development Board and the National University of Singapore. The Sentaurus TCAD tools will initially be used to support SERIS' silicon-based solar cell research.

The tools simulate the fabrication steps and photovoltaic performance of solar cells, allowing SERIS researchers to investigate and optimize current and new cell designs aiming for higher PV efficiency and lower cost, Synopsys says.

‘To bring down the cost of solar photovoltaic electricity, we need to realize advanced solar cell designs using inexpensive semiconductor materials and surface coatings,’ says Armin Aberle, deputy CEO of SERIS. ‘Multi-dimensional computer simulation is a powerful tool to provide us with the physical insight needed to explore and optimize new designs.’

SOURCE: Synopsys

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