Solar Exchange To Launch Online Solar Marketplace


Solar Exchange is launching a cloud-based commerce platform to automate the buying and selling of goods for the solar sector on Sept. 19. The company has developed a trading model based on business-to-business auctions and request for quote capabilities to facilitate sales and procurement activities.

Solar Exchange says it aims to create a direct connection between qualified solar businesses along the entire supply chain, including raw material and component suppliers; panel and balance of systems manufacturers; engineering, procurement and construction companies; developers and integrators; and utilities and power companies.

‘Not uncommon in early markets, supplier and buyer networks within the solar market are highly fragmented,’ says Solar Exchange founder Z. Ed Lateef. ‘Companies have been forced to seek out partners on their own, establish trade and commercial relationships, and commit to commerce with little market support. Solar Exchange removes trade barriers by offering an easier pathway to doing business within the solar industry. is accessible in English, German and Chinese and has local service offices in the U.S., China, Germany and India and plans future market support in other emerging solar markets.

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