Solar-Fabrik AG Opens New Module Production Facility


Solar-Fabrik AG has opened a new production facility for manufacturing solar power modules in Freiburg, Germany. The new plant, Plant III, increases the overall capacity by 60 MW, to a total of 130 MW, and ensures a further increase in module quality, according to Solar-Fabrik.

‘Almost the entire production volume for the year was already sold at the beginning of 2009,’ says Gunter Weinberger, CEO of Solar-Fabrik AG. ‘With the new factory, we are able to meet our customers' growing demand for quality modules.’

Covering 15,000 square meters, the new production hall offers sufficient space for developing a capacity of up to 200 MW. Approximately 60 to 70 jobs will be initially created in Plant III, and the next expansion stage is scheduled for next year.

New technological features at the plant include automatic transverse soldering and an innovative connection socket concept, the company notes. The production facility is controlled using a manufacturing execution system, which enables all operational, process and material consumption data to be accessed online.

SOURCE: Solar Fabrik AG

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