Solar Farm Financed by Corporate Carbon Offsets Breaks Ground


Clearloop has broken ground on its 1 MW solar farm in Jackson, Tenn. – a utility-scale solar farm directly financed by solar offsets. It is the first domestic solar project of its kind to be funded by consumer brands, enterprise companies and individuals in return for carbon offsets.

The Jackson solar farm, which will reclaim 60 million pounds of carbon, will be financed by companies including Intuit, Vista Equity Partners, Coolperx, Dropps, Impact Snacks, Hello Bello, Patch, Aether Diamonds and Material Bank, as well as individuals like singer-songwriter Jason Isbell and children’s book author Stacy Clark.

“This solar project is the first utility-connected project in the United States directly financed by corporate carbon offsets, expanding equitable access to clean energy in communities getting left behind,” states Laura Zapata, Clearloop’s co-founder and CEO. “If we’re going to meet our ambitious climate goals, we need to add more tools in the toolbox for companies of all sizes that want to cut their carbon footprint, accelerate the clean energy transition, and directly clean up the grid.”

“Clearloop’s multi-dimensional approach to bring both immediate impact and long-term economic growth to communities throughout the United States is why Intuit is so excited to support their project in Jackson today, and help them accelerate efforts across the country,” says Sean Kinghorn, Intuit’s global sustainability leader. “Our support for Clearloop extends beyond financial investment to ensure continued innovation in the areas of climate change, corporate responsibility, and community development – all which benefit our shared values and a healthier planet overall.”

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